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Incognito Cara

Tame A Lifestyle Submissive Addicted to Slavery

I am so honored to report that Niteflirt says 98% of the people who call me have become repeat clients. Thank you guys for your many compliments about my voice, honesty, and creatively filthy imagination!

I was a lifestyle submissive for a few years and it changed my life. In my daily life, I'm witty, fun, self-employed, talented. But I'm easily seduced by a powerful masculine sexuality - it takes me down to a primal state. You'll understand as soon as we talk.

Nothing's more intimate than a real power exchange. My ex took me from vanilla and innocent to whimpering submissive slut in about 3 months - and kept me there for 3 years while I indulged his every desire. He left me with an addiction I can't overcome or ignore. Several boyfriends later, I met a wonderful man. He's supportive and sweet and he adores me. He runs bubble baths for me. He cooks me eggs benedict. I love him, and I've been with him for a few years now. It's the happiest I've been since I was with my ex.

...but he caught me checking out a flogger while we were shopping for a bachelor party gift and said "don't worry baby - I'm not a freak or anything." One of his friends once joked about anal sex, and he said "gross". There isn't a kinky bone in his body. No kidding.

So I park on a suburban street and live a vanilla life, and when you see me at the checkout counter in my pinup style dresses, you might get a slight hint, but you'd never know for sure that I was born to be a bottom, spawned to be a slave, and hatched to be a whore. Nothing else gives me that real feeling of intimacy that I felt when I was loved, pampered, and adored ...but also pinned down, tied up, and fucked like there was no tomorrow.

So a friend of mine who used to be a domme on NF suggested this outlet. I have a sexy voice (college DJ with a few voiceover gigs behind me), a repressed dirty mind, and an innate desire to please.

And here I am - asking you to give me what I've been craving for years... the opportunity to indulge YOUR whims. I ache to obey. I miss servitude on my knees. The unapologetic use of my body to explore your fantasies is my only goal. whether I cum screaming helplessly or don't cum at all... I want to be used - it's my fantasy as much as it is yours - and I'm not happy unless i'm begging nicely for my orgasm.

Things I've enjoyed in the past include spankings, floggings, tease and denial, roleplay (LOVE being the seduced librarian, the intimidated stripper, the co-ed who REALLY needs that "A"), anal play, BONDAGE IS THE BEST, rope, chains (my preference for the sound & weight), whips, canes, riding crops, ball gags, facefucking, collars, tied to a cross, bondage horse, etc, etc. Nothing makes me happier than being tied up, blindfolded, and teased until I beg for release.

Things I really wish I had done when I had the chance: Vietnamese basket/swing, chastity belt, cage, medical fetish (legs in the stirrups or those cool looking dental contraptions that hold my mouth open wide). My ex and I touched on erotic hypnosis, and I'm very interested in exploring mind control, brainwashing, and the hypnotic submission experience. If you can get under my skin and into my head, you can definitely get into my panties.;)

Don't be too shy to ask. If I can put this stuff out there, you can too. No risk, no reward, right?

Curious about my non-sexual likes? I'm a little nerdy. I know more about Star Wars than any woman I've known - a username I've had for 20 years contains "salaciouscrumb". I'm into Doctor Who and like everyone else, I'm a staunch supporter of Tennant and Rose Tyler. I'm digging the new Netflix Daredevil. I was once a Renaissance Faire geek and a swordfighter (real swords - get your mind out of the gutter!)

WARNING: My boyfriend and I both work from home!! If he gets near my office door, i HAVE to be quiet. PLEASE bear with me!