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It's MY WORLD & you're footing the bill, bitch!!!

It's MY WORLD, bitches!!!
If you STAY.. you MUST OBEY!!

In MY world... the men are playthings to be used for entertainment and for draining their bank accounts. In MY world... the Ladies make ALL the rules, and sado-masochism is a part of EVERY PARTY!!! In MY world... I shop for new clothes every week and buy Myself and whoever else I desire, lavish gifts using YOUR CASH and credit cards. In MY world, MY only REAL concern is what you are going to do for ME. What I do for YOU is irrelevant and dependent on how much you IMPRESS ME!!!
MY WORLD is much more interesting than YOURS, or you would not desire so much to be a part of it. Your boring life, your substandard personality and insecurity make you seek excitement living vicariously through Dominant, Confident, Sexy and Independent people such as MYSELF! Serving Me and suffering My abuses is a PRIVELEDGE to you because you belong in slavery, and it makes you feel comfortable, in it's own UNcomfortable way. I KNOW what makes you tick; I KNOW how you think; I can pick your brain and tell you more about YOU than you have ever known YOURSELF in about 10 minutes. So, if you FEAR the truth, and cannot handle humiliation.... then you will want to stay the HELL OUT OF MY WORLD!!!!
Purchase My IDs from My flirtstore and be READY when you call to save time. Otherwise expect to wait a couple of minutes while I add you to My list, etc... and I will NOT talk to you during this either. You will sit quietly and wait. If you can't purchase My ID ahead of time, then you can be patient for 2 or 3 mins at the beginning of the call. I expect EVERYONE TO GET AT LEAST A 10 MIN. CALL. If you hang up on Me BEFORE then, you will be BANNED from calling Me again, so you wham bammers who think you're gonna get a quick jerk in, first of all, good luck with that, and second of all... if you get away with it, it WILL BE your one and only!!!!!So you had better make is STELLAR

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