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IGNORED by a Spoiled teen bitch who laughs at you

I can't help it. I have an addiction
to wearing tiny skirts. I love the
attention it gets me and the stiuations
that I sometimes end up in.
Glad I got your attention.
I am just a girl, a voice on the phone,
who's ready and willing to urge you over
the edge and make you cum.
Listen carefully. On this line, you will be ignored! I may not even speak directly to you at all! If I do, you better take in every syllable! Listen to me enjoying my life. I might be in my high school history class, at the beach with friends, sucking my professors dick to ensure that I keep my perfect grades & attendance record, or any number of other fun things that don't include you!
Of course I (sometimes we) can hear you...
You know you LOVE being ignored by me
& my snotty girlfriends. You press
your ear into the phone to try & catch
every whisper and giggle, while pathetically jerking away at your useless excuse for a
mini-penis. That's ok, though. I pay you no mind. I don't even verbally acknowledge your presence, unless I am really THAT bored. I'm in class, sleeping, getting my tight bald pussy pounded by a nice BIG BLACK COCK, dressing one of my sissy/girly friends, at the beach, trying on the new outfit &/or shoes you bought me (or that I bought with your $), lounging at the pool, shopping, grooming one of my sugardaddies, watching my favorite TV show, having phonesex with a real man or just hanging out with friend. Either way, you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy being ignored while I go on about my life, as though you are not paying a per minute premuim to ease drop on my life.

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