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I am getting ready to go back to school to finish off some undergrad courses and start law school. I made it through my first semester back and made the Dean's list. I will be returning back to school in August. My expenses are a lot less than they were in the first semester. The support I have received is just awesome. Thank you, everyone, for your financial support but more importantly the emotional support.

I have been on Niteflirt for a number of years and I completely enjoy my time here. I am in my forties though most people would never know that to look at me. I have been playing since I left home I started out with girls just a few months after getting my own place and had my first threesome around that same time. I greatly enjoy my life and my sexuality. I have always been a take charge person so being dominant comes easily to me. I started to enjoy cuckolding situations in my twenties and have never stopped. I like a man to do things for me because he wants to me be happy. I have a large collection of sexual toys for myself and for men that I am always adding to. There is just something about being that lady who feels the desire to explore new areas of fun.

This is all about fantasy which makes our sexual world endless in nature. From the normal things people think about that could happen to the world of what could never happen but are still sexy in thought. I enjoy role plays and want to hear about yours. I want us to grow these fantasies together while I enjoy telling a story I would much rather do that in recordings, stories, and movies. When I have you on the phone with me I want you to interact I want us to tell each other what happens next. There is no reason for you to tell me "whatever you want" or "whatever turns you on" what turns me on is you interacting with you, talking with you, and exploring things together. If I wanted to make up a story for me I can and do that often.

Do not be shy there is no need for that if by some far out chance you stumble onto something that just does not do 'it' for me I will happily tell your or even better work it into something that turns us both on. I am a real person I think all my pictures, videos, social media, and interaction proves that. I work from my home and I work a lot of hours but to me, it does not feel like work it feels like I am exploring myself and answering the phone to talk to a sexy kinky friend. I have a great memory and remember our conversations so if it has been awhile since we have talked just say hey we talked about xyz and I will be like oh yeah I completely remember that. I greatly enjoy making content so if you have a fantasy idea I would enjoy hearing about it. Put me in your favorites and give me a call.

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I adore the fantasy of being your Gigantic Goddess. The fun of being able to be and do anything I can think of is so much fun. I know there are a lot of people out there that are into macrophilia as I talk them all the time. I like the thought of being completely heinous of doing terrible things because it makes me happy to do them. The fantasy of vore is something I talk about a lot with the victim being completely aware of the whole process and having no control over what happens just being swallowed down. The transformation fantasy is the most alluring part of being a giant going from a petite person to a towering house stomping evil Gigantic Goddess. I am not always the bad person sometimes I get to be the super heroine that saves the world as a giant the end of the world is coming and I am the only person left to save it because I am 80 feet tall so nothing can hurt me. Have you ever thought of being stuck in a cage as a Giant's pet your whole world has been created by me and you are my human hamster along with my other pets you are here to entertain me with your antics your job is to become my favorite pet. All the other pets go into my own Colosseum to be bet on by my other Giant friends. What about a shrinking fetish maybe I stay the same size you shrink down to a tiny itty bitty speck of what you used to be now the whole world is dangerous to you everything can squash you without a second thought. Whatever role play you think of I am sure we can make it fun and exciting for us both the stepping out of complete reality is what this is all about. With all the A.I. (artificial intelligence) being talked about what if I am a robot that acts and behaves completely human I am just 16 feet tall and can crush anything between my super strong fingers. This is all about powerful women.

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