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I like sissy boys not to date of course but to have lots of fun with. Those microscopic pricks are not worth using for pleasure instead those so poorly equipped need to be created into something more exciting. There is nothing like the first time of taking a sissy to a glory hole and watching while they suck that cock for the very first time. Who knows what will actually come through that hole could be very nice but more than likely it is an old man who does not get off very often. Every sissy girls needs long hair we can start out with a wig but your hair should be well below your shoulders if we just let it grow out. You think you can never have a beautiful hourglass figure, you are so wrong corset training will have you thin in all the right places in no time. Yes, it is true you will barely be able to breathe but that is an over rated activity. I can see on your face that you feel the full force of sissy training humiliation it is good for you to feel that way. We will spend many hours of intense interrogation into why you feel so much like a girl, you will reveal all your dirty secrets. My girlfriends and I will have a wonderful time laughing at you all dressed up in your maid fetish outfit trying to balance on those six inch heels. All the girls make heel walking look easy, you will discover it actually takes some talent to walk around in those. In your process to become a true sissy you will learn the hard lessons all of us girls learn including blowjobs only it will be harder for you because you will be a male cum swallower long before you are truly a girl. I expect every part of your world to become girly if I hear those old male phrases being uttered by you then I will just have to get out the true mouth cleanser and give you a mouth soaping. Wherever your sissy fantasy takes you, I know I will take you further.

I am a true southern country girl. I was raised on a farm and enjoy everything the country has to offer. I could never see myself living in a big city that just seems like the epitome of hell to me. I enjoy four wheelers, four wheelin (yes they are different), motorcycles, hunting, fishing and swimming is absolutely in a pond, lake, or stream. When I get dressed up it is a dress and a heels I do not think I have ever read a fashion magazine. I am down to earth and in no way a drama girl. When it comes to sex I started when I was 18 no I am not fibbing here that is when I started. By the time I was in my early 20's I was thinking about girls and threesomes soon after that I was having my first threesome. I like kink and enjoy being submissive but I can absolutely switch to a fun night of you being my submissive. I like adult toys and have a number that keeps growing. I do own handcuffs the real kind a number of leather bondage pieces and of course rope what country girl does not have her own rope. I enjoy having a good time in the woods getting a little dirt on my booty while we have some hot sex time is quite all right with me. We can just go jump in the creek to clean it all up. I am open to all types of play and have made some wonderful sissy friends throughout the years. I like the thought of you sucking cock for me or me teasing that cock and balls repeatably until you beg me to stop or maybe not stop. Yes I am a simple girl with simple wants and needs but I have a very kinky imagination.

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