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Love ticklish women who can't get tickled enough

A few things...

  • 1. I only tickle females
  • 2. I ask that you be able to tickle yourself (if you can't at first, that is cool, you would be surprised at who can actually tickle themselves)
  • 3. For those that love hearing females tickle I MAY have some recordings and clips in the future.)

Are you ticklish?

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By darkguardn at 2010-11-23

Do you love the idea of being tied up? Imagine you are nude or close to it. Your arms are tied above your head, legs tied spread apart. Your armpits are vulnerable and completely exposed. Your stomach expose with no protection. Your knees are thighs are open to attack. Your soles unable to escape the torture that is to come. Your breasts are unprotected and your nipples are so sensitive you can feel the slightest movement of air around them. Then it begins, a feather lightly tickling the one spot you hoped he wouldn't go for....

Hello ladies, my name is Xavier I have always loved the idea of tickling a sexy, beautiful woman. Getting them in their ribs to make them buck or that poke in the ribs to make them jump 5 ft in the air and yelp. Or tickling a pair of nice soft soles while she is begging for mercy inbetween squealing and laughing hysterically. You probably like being tickled..but to what degree. Do you like the soft sensual feeling or do you like the tortourous type. You know the feeling of electricity going through your ribcage, stomach, armpits or the soles of your feet. Have you ever been in the situation where someone like a doctor is examining you or you are getting a massage and have to use every ounce of concentration and strength to not burst out laughing and cover that part of the body being tortured? I love tickling any part of the body that makes a woman go crazy with laughter, that has her begging for mercy while wiping tears from her eyes. I do have a few fantasies of tickling women in different situations. So give me a call ladies and let me tickle you. If you are extremely ticklish, enjoy it and can tickle will have fun and I promise I will do my best make sure you enjoy yourself.

Sometimes I like to roleplay, some ideas can be : a female neighbor found or trapped who gets tickled, a ticklish female worker who wants a raise, a ticklish female prisoner who has to be interrogated.

If you want I can try to hypnotize you. This has been known to work at times, it can greatly increase the tickling experience if you fall into this catagory. Also it can open the door to a lot of other fun things.

How I would love to have some of the hotties from NF for about a good hour *EVIL GRIN*. (You know who you are ;) )

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By darkguardn at 2010-12-11
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