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Against your will or consent?

Can a person be hypnotized against their will or without their consent? The answer is of course yes, though the more co-operative the subject the better the results.

But can you?

Here you are, visiting my page and wondering about that. Perhaps you are thinking from the perspective of a person who has never tried hypnosis before, and believes he cannot be hypnotized.

Perhaps you are considering some past unsuccessful attempt at hypnosis previously to be evidence that you cannot be hypnotized.

Perhaps you are a hypnosis junkie who cannot pass up a chance to be hypnotized, always seeking the new experience, wishing to just go there so much more deeply than ever before, perhaps even without warning to you.

The fact that you are here, considering calling a listing where you are reading that calling means I will attempt to hypnotize you and you may be hypnotized. That means that you are giving me your tacit consent.

It may mean you want to engage me in a test of my skills and your resistance.

You may lose. In fact, if you have indeed been hypnotized previously, it is highly likely that I will hypnotize you more deeply than you have ever been hypnotized before.

Just so you are aware what you are getting into.

Don't think about it.