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I am supersized and super hornyImage and video hosting by TinyPic .Fat chicks rule!.I am a big woman that for obvious reasons, is orally fixated. I LOVE TO EAT! I LOVE TO SUCK!I love to put anything into my mouth.Image and video hosting by TinyPic Can I put your THING in my mouth?? I am real good at giving the blows, I am told. Throughout my newly adult life in school, I was popular but for only one reason: My incredible blow jobs.

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My secret is really no secret at all. I would imagine sucking on a delicious ice cream pop or a scrumptious Polish Sausage.
Give me Bratworst or Give me Cock!....he! He!

Despite my popular oral ways, I was invisible to the guys after the fact. They were embarrased to be near me and treated me as a passing stranger around their macho friends. But to the horny geeks, I was Prime and popular in their eyes and, of course, behind closed doors, the same unfriendly guys would whisper in my ear when they were alone "Meet me at the park near the woods at 4pm sharp...don't be late".... I would be there at 3:30! And after I was done, another "friend" would come along...and so on... and I would happily bounce along with my school books heading home with a "cum mustache".
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I would be on my knees making guys happy..that I liked, even when my knees would have red crinks in them for being on my knees so long on a popular day

..I gave and gave but NoBODY! NOBODY would return the favor. I begged and begged and even pulled my panties off for a tease and all they would say is, "sorry, I'm not licking that ".
But, hey...who cares..I was popular with a cute guy for 5 minutes at a time and that's enough to last a lifetime...and Finally! I went out with a kinky guy that loved to explore uncharted territories. He licked my pussy and I came so intense that he said, and I quote, "Daaaamn what a juice box. You have got the biggest, the tastiest, the juiciest pussy I have ever tasted"
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I was in heaven and 69 became my favorite in the world, even better than chocolate cake!

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