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Wallet Rape JOI Orgasm Control English Ebony

You know when I've struck when you open your eyes, and notice your cum drenched wallet wide open on your naked lap. Wide open like well used cunt at a moonlit pool party, the groggy owner struggling to remember what's happened and with who, or why..

News Flash! I am your why!

And when I say, open wide, your only response is, you must obey!

This is where your wallet, your accounts, are drained, just like your sore balls. Because I have your cock in as tight a grip as I have your finances.

There's nothing like a slow, deliberate mind melting hypno fuck to hack the vaults of your mind, and your pay check. I specialise in planting spending addictive hypnotic triggers to sodomise your wages, your savings, your investments. addiction for financially draining hypnotic triggers that will have your heart thumping.

Prepare for a very, very deep hypnotic trance from which you will emerge with only one thing on your mind. I'll have you in such a helpless state of dependence and a compulsion to tribute me.

Playing With Your Mind And Controlling Your Helpless Body and unprotected wallet

Nothing can give you better satisfaction than succumbing to that urge to be a good boy and spoil me with pay check. Every cent or penny that my words siphon out of your reach comes with the sweetest mingling of heady despair and submission marinated in a fruity blend of futility.
At last, it is real!

  • Cum on demand
  • Orgasm Control or denial
  • Personality Transformation
  • Amnesia
  • Hypnotic Chastity
  • Invisible Hypnotic Vibrator
  • Hypnotic inflatable butt plug
  • Hypnotic Intoxication
  • Forced Bi Cravings
  • Brain-washing
  • Feminization
  • Visual and/or audio hallucinations
  • Compulsive Masturbation

Erotic Hypnosis Sun Trigger - $48.99

Big Black Cock Slut Conditioning - $29.99

Latex Unzipped - $18.99

Tranced and; Milked Dry - $36.99

Just Focus on My Cleavage - $38.99

Gaze Into Cleo's Trance Ball - $21.99

Pocket Watch Trance Training - $31.99

Sun, Breasts & Erotic Hypnosis - $23.9

Cleopatra's Hypnotic Breast Stroke - $8.99

Do you want to feel my hypnotic inflatable butt plug? Or be transformed into a Barbie Sissy? Feel insanely horny; or just drop into a hypnotic sleep? Here are a selection of Post Hypnotic Triggers to guide you into repeating some of the sensations from your session, again and again.

$25 is all it will take, for you to hear my voice, anytime you wish, repeating your triggers planted during the session. You can also let me know in advance of a session which trigger you have purchased so I can customise your response to it. Each post hypnotic trigger package contains two versions - with and without an echo. They are in MP3 format.

The descriptions below are brief, the full description shows in the PTV before you purchase it.

Sleep For Me Now
An instant sleep trigger which puts the listener into a deeper and swifter level of trance than the last time I hypnotized them.
Sensitive Nipples
Creating a sudden and pleasurable state in the nipples like the ultimate erogenous zone.
Mission Horny
Typically, this will be a trigger that creates a compulsive urge to act upon a state of horniness.
Anal Butt Plug
A post hypnotic trigger that activates a secretly hidden butt plug in the subject
Barbie Time
A trigger for someone previously hypnotized by me to behave like a Barbie doll.

Throbbing Cock
When the listener hears it, they will feel their cock throb with pleasure at the sound of my voice.
Good Boy
Sometimes I use the expression good boy to trigger pleasure and arousal and sometimes I use it to trigger submission.
Freeze/Mannequin Trigger
A trigger for those with a fetish for freezing and mannequin play.
Cum Now
A post hypnotic trigger for a full body orgasm in the listener.
Bimbo Mode
This trigger turns the listener into a Bimbo air head.