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Dirty little girl needs to please...

Hello... i'm here, waiting to serve You. i'm 22. i have curly brown hair (longish) and playfully seductive brown eyes. i have a C cup, and i curve in all the right places. Any other descriptive info You want to know, just ask ;)

i'm gonna tell you something not every girl here can honestly say- i'm for real. i'm submissive, it's what i'm into, and i didn't come here to tell You sweet lies. i came here to give myself over to a true dominant. So why bother with a fake who will tell You what You wanna hear, when You can have a girl like me, who truly gets off on pleasing You?

In my everyday life i'm a take-charge kind of girl. i'm intelligent, direct, confident... but sexually, i need to be shown who's in charge... by a real man like You. This is something i've explored and enjoyed immensely with lovers in the flesh, but never by phone, by the power of Your voice alone... please, teach me how to satisfy You, and i will do so eagerly.

To me, domination and submission is a game of trust; i relinquish control entirely to You, my Master, and i trust that You understand the significance of that power and won't hurt me in any way i don't desire... but at the same time, it's so much more than a game... it's total physical and psychological control... and it's what we both need... let me service Your need with mine.

i'm a good little slave... i won't test Your control over me. i'd much prefer to take that lesson from Your actions when You manhandle me and remind me constantly of my place. And eventually, if i've done well to please You, i hope that You'll reward me, as any good Master will.

My favorite kinks:

  • rough play- pulling my hair, grabbing me by the throat, smacking me around
  • bondage- tying me up so I can't move, ankles to wrists, so I'm only good for one thing- to be Your toy to use and abuse
  • dress-up- lingerie, costumes... dressing up in Your favorites, whatever turns You on
  • Your dick- watching, touching, licking, swallowing, worshiping
  • controlled tease- letting me watch You touch Your cock, but denying me its touch until i've earned it... deciding when or if i can cum
  • ass-fucking- giving it to me nice and deep in the ass, i can take it
  • face-fucking- fucking my mouth until i choke, until my mascara runs and i'm covered in saliva
  • demeaning/humiliation- calling me Your dirty little whore, reminding me i'm good for nothing but to serve You
  • rewarding- making me earn what i want- like Your cum all over my face, or for You to fuck me good and hard
And of course i'd love for You to teach me new ways to serve You...

Please let me be Your object to control... i'm eagerly awaiting Your contact, Master.

Yours, Fiona