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You Better Get Ready...IT'S GOING TO HURT!!!

You had better have all your shit in one sock when you call ME! I will EXPECT you to call Me Master or Sir. I will expect you to answer to "lowly piece of shit" or whatever else I decide to call you. You will worship the ground I walk on, or you'll BE the ground I walk on. You don't really DESERVE to talk to Me, but since you're paying Me for it, I will ALLOW it...for now! I DO NOT PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS! I'm cruel & sadistic & just LOVE to MIND-FUCK rediculous little piggies like you. I HAVE WALKED THROUGH THE VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEATH. I FEAR NO EVIL, BECAUSE I'M THE BADDEST MOTHERFUCKER IN THE VALLEY!!! If you call Me as the wimpering little simpleton you are, I assure you it's going to hurt. Your pride belongs to ME. Your ASS belongs to ME. Your TEARS belong to ME. Your LIFE will belong to it should be! CALL ME!!!