Phone Sex

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Playful Princess Lilly

IGNORE! Teenage Temptress 2 Perfect 2 Talk 2 you.

HAHA! Do you REALLY think I have time for you, loser? This line is for pathetic little dicklicking pricks and pigs like you to call and PAY ME to completely IGNORE YOU!

Whatever I am doing when you call - that is what I will continue to do while you anxiously sit in waiting!!! HAHA! Whether I am getting a pedicure, shopping, dancing, on a date, hanging with friends, watching TV, talking on the phone or even fucking a studly boyfriend... you will PAY to listen. you will sit on pins and needles just to hear Me BREATHE!

If I do float the occasional word your way (out of sheer boredom) you will THANK ME and PAY ME and PRAISE ME and make your best and most desperate, pathetic attempt to amuse Me and keep Me interested.
FUCK you VERY MUCH!!!!! *fit of giggles*

THIS is how the conversation will go. I will answer the line and you will introduce yourself - then I go back to doing whatever the fuck I want... I HAVE NEARLY A PERFECT RATING AND THE ONLY NEGATIVE FEEDBACK I HAVE IS ON THIS LINE BECAUSE BOYS ARE TO STUPID TO READ THE LISTING BEFORE CALLING! It's spelled out for you, dumbass!!!! I'M NOT TALKING TO YOU!!!!!!!!!! IT'S AN IGNORE LINE!!!! HAHA!
Pick up the phone and PAY, wimpy bitch boy!  


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