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The Sissy Solution Sissification and Feminization

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Welcome to the Sissy Solution darling!

Regardless of what your personal Sissy identification is, this your special place to come and talk to me about all things sissification, feminization, bimbofication and sissy sexuality related.

I have a special place in my heart for you sissies and enjoy getting to know, what you enjoy, what gets your heart beating oh so fast, and what has your panties getting those naughty wetspots inside of them.

You may only dream about being a sissy and enjoy a rich and colorful fantasy girly life in your mind. It's ok if you do, I'll be happy to roleplay with you and take you places you can only dream about or may never have even thought of yet. I have a rather naughty and creative imagination myself and once you are in my experienced hands the cerebreal sky is the limit.

You may be a closet sissy and can only play when nobody is watching or when your woman is away. It's ok, she may not understand your need for those soft sexy intimates, pretty girly dresses, sexy shoes, and beautiful makeup and wigs adorning you, but I do. I will be happy to talk to you about your secret desires and needs, encourage you in them and enable you to go as far as you possibly can with them, without risking your relationship or career. You don't have to keep your secret sissy life a secret from me, I am here for you.

You may be a sissy who is on her path to dedicated feminization and dream of becoming a woman in every aspect possible to you. I know this can be a confusing and sometimes overwhelming time for you girls, I am hear to listen, advise, encourage, and guide you to the best of my ability.

You may have questions you are unable to or afraid to ask biological women. I'll be happy to answer them honestly from my point of view. It's an important part of mental conditioning as well as cuckoldry training for emasculated / sissified cuckolds.

I know that sissies come in many different flavors, and that you are all unique and special in your own way. Regardless if you are a straight sissy (likes men), a bi sissy (likes both genders) or a lesbian sissy (likes women only), you are welcome here with me and I'll be happy to explore whichever sexual preference you have further or help to guide you into learning to accept and embrace your need to expand your sexuality, sensuality, as well as sexual preferences. I'll be happy to encourage you (sometimes strictly if necessary) to go deeper into becoming the little wanton sissy you dream of being.

I specialize in and enjoy:

Sissy Slut Conditioning and Bimbofication

Domestic Sissy Servant Training

Submissive Sissy Slave Girl Conditioning for both a Mistress and / or Master

Dedicated Sissy Encouragement and Guidance (Feminization)

Sissy Cuckoldry

Mental Conditioning for Sissies towards proper feminine deportment and thinking.

Sissy Wife Guidance and Transformation

Pretty Sissy Temptress Finishing Schooling

Sexual Sissy Training from masturbation, toys, oral or anal servitude, to oral and anal worship on both male and female.

Preperation for going public as your feminized and sissified self.

Grooming, Makeup, Wigs, Voice Conditioning, feminine deportment, inner transformation, emasculation, chastity and other forms of sexual control, and more.

I am happy to watch you on Webcam while we speak on the phone together via Skype. You may either ask Me while on the call with Me for My Skype Address or purchase it ahead of time via this $3.00 PPV.

Paid Mail Email Conversations and Conditioning are an option as well for those of you who are unable to call Me live. I will send My responses to you locked up inside a Pay to View email response. Sorry no free responses.

My Listings are TOS compliant so make sure you know the rules before calling.

Starting September 27th 2016 you will be able to find various PPVs on My Profile Page which will be switched out every Tuesday of the week. Make sure to take a look to see if there is something you'l like to indulge in.

Goddess Bella Donna