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✹CD, Sissy, Cucks, Faggots ✹

Welcome to my parlor for:
sissies, crossdressers, gender benders, cuckolds, faggots
and Goddess serving cock loving gay-bitches.

I am Goddess Bella Donna, a FemDOM, Disciplinarian and fetish Queen with over 25 years of experience in BDSM, a wide array of fetishes and kinks, as well as a alternative Lifestyle mentor or life-coach.

These days I offer my skills and experience mostly via phone and online sessions since I am what I consider a Nomadic Goddess. Up until I started full-time RVing (back in 2013) I was both a real time Lifestyle as well as Pro-Dominatrix. Living and traveling in an RV makes this impossible, which is why I have decided to switch to online training and phone domination / fetish conditioning only for the unforeseeable future.

You are welcome to ask me anything about my days as a real time Mistress, Cuckoldress, or just get to know me as the Nomadic Goddess I am these days.

Now let’s talk about you:

All experience levels as well as sexual preferences and sexual orientations are welcome here.

I have been around long enough to know that not all crossdressers, sissies or cuckolds are automatically bi-sexual or gay-oriented. I understand that for a vast majority of you the ability to actually live out your fantasies and desires is either very limited or impossible due to personal as well as professional circumstances. That isn’t a problem. The only thing I ask you is to be honest with me about it. Let’s face it you are able to endure a lot more and go a lot further in fantasy only, then you often can when you actually are out there taking risks.

Faggots: Males who are in lust with cocks and who get highly aroused being used as cock whores, cock suckers, anal sluts, cum dumps, hairy ass lickers and more. Are you a bottom faggot, a top faggot or do you switch it up from time to time? Do you prefer Shemales or are you into servicing other men?

Crossdressers: For you it’s all about getting dressed up in those sensual feminine pieces of clothing. Panties, Hose, Lingerie, Shoes, and more. You are not necessarily trying to emulate females, you just enjoy either the feeling of wearing those womanly clothing articles or get off on the humiliation of being made to wear them.

Sissies: Oh you little sissies sure do come in a wide variety of sissy orientations don’t you? From the simple cock craving sissy slut, to the pretty girly sissy, to the Sissy Princess / Diva, to the sissy Socialite, the sissy prissy, to the sissy maid, the sissy domestic, the sissy slave, the sissy wife, the dedicated sissy and more. I wonder which you’ll end up being. Do you dream of serving a woman, a men or a couple?

Gender Benders: You enjoy both of your kinky sexual persona, that of the male and the female. You are embracing of both sides and rather fluid when it comes to your sexuality. Some of you consider yourself to be trans-gendered while others place no such claim on it

Cuckolds: I don’t even have enough space here to go into all the different types of cuckolding relationships and dynamics that are out there. I’d say we have a lot to talk about. Are you a cuckold bitch, a male beta cuck, a sissified cuckold? I have hundreds of questions for you and answers to explore these alternative relationships.

Goddess – serving – cock loving – gay bitches: Homo-sexual or gay beta males who are all about sexually serving the alpha males and their superior cocks, but love being controlled by and are 100% submissive to Goddess. Slave to Me and fuck toy to men.

Which of those categories do you fit in best? Give me a call and let’s explore and talk about what makes you twitch, dribble, aroused and weak the most.