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Pssst! For Sissy Gurls and Crossdressers only!


Hey sweetheart come on in here and close the door behind you. This is a private party for sissies and crossdressers of all walks of life only. I am glad you got your VIP Invite and could make it! We are going to have a fabulous time together!

This is the place where you get to be your hidden self, your secret girly self, your feminine clothing loving OMG I want to be pretty self.

This is your personal sissy or crossdresser Nirvana and regardless if you are into men, women, or shemales as sex partners, you are welcome here to talk about what makes you tick, turns you on, gets you off, worries you, makes you want more of the same, embarrasses you or humiliates you, etc.

With other words, this is the one place where you get to be your feminized, sissified, girlish self without being judged or told that there is something wrong with you because you enjoy roleplaying, living or just dressing whenever you can as the opposite gender from the one you were born to be.

Each of you dolls faces have your own reasons for why you enjoy being a sissy so very much. We can talk about that if you want and need encouragement, or we can just pretend it doesn’t matter and talk about all the other fun things that make this special femmi club hop.

Oh by the way, can I ask you a question? What you think ... Which of those looks of mine do you like best? I do have this thing about transforming my looks with Wigs and makeup. Maybe we can talk about that sometime and play around with that?

Anyway, I enjoy it all and if you really want to hear me get all bubbly and excited let’s talk about fun stuff like going to get our hair and nails done, wig shopping, actually shopping period, shoes, being pretty, cooking together or have a PJ and Movie Slumber Party together.

Yes little sissy slut and bimbo, we can talk about men too of course. I know how much you just love those cocks and all the naughty things you want them to do to you. Come and tell Goddess all about that hot guy you got your eyes on and what you’d love for him to do to you. *Giggles are allowed*

I am a Femdom (Dominatrix), Fetish Queen, and lover of fun kinky people who enjoy living their life in a way that brings them pleasure and harms none!

Let me be your guide, your Goddess, your High Priestess of Transformation, your confidant, your mature best female friend you don’t need to have secrets from, and the one whom you can go to just be yourself with.

I should probably tell you that  I have no problem with the occasional mild verbal humiliation, and I adore putting you into hot sexy humiliating or embarrassing situations that makes you dribble, but to be honest I am more of someone who will encourage you, give you the love you so desperately need, be your dominant friend and kinky cheerleader.

I understand that for some of you it’s all about the debasement, but personally extreme verbal humiliation does nothing for me. I enjoy having fun, laughing with my darlings and in general pushing them towards becoming their happiest most self-accepting self they can be! So to be honest if all you want to have is someone calling you names, yell at you, or treat you like s…t, then I am not the one for you. I enjoy you sissies way too much for that.


Goddess Bella Donna