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I'm HOT, I'm SEXY, I'm cocky, bitchy, bratty, and DOMINANT. I'm exactly what you want! But nothing you could EVER have.I know you LITTLE DICK, pre-ejaculating, sorry ass fuckss enjoy handing over your hard earned cash to perfect little princesses such as myself! What else do you have to spend it on? Oh, thats right, NOTHINGG because you're a loser with no life :) Well, you have come to the right place loser, because it is my JOB in life to be spoiled, pampered, and WORSHIPPED as I should be! Why should I have to work? I shouldn't! and I don't. I'm too FUCKING PRETTY! Silly little piggy, you think you have a purpose in life? Well, you're right. You do have ONE purpose, and it is to serve ME ;)! You scumbags are pathetic, and need to be told so, and I am the right BITCH to do it! It is sheer ENTERTAINMENT to me to see you on your knees, graveling at my feet, and going BROKE at MY expense!!! So open up your wallets you fucks, and start handing over the cash, because after worshipping THIS princess, you will never be able to stop! You're going to be addicted, and that's EXACTLYYY what I want!

If my status is set to away, you can almost always contact me through yahoo messenger. DO NOT bother me if you don't intend to spend money on me!! My time is precious and valuable and not to be wasted by your pathetic ass!

I love shopping online with your money ;)


PAY PIGGIES/MONEY SLAVES... you are here to be my atm, please me at all times, make sure I never go without, and most importantly keep me interested.

HUMILIATION BITCHS/SISSIES/LITTLE DICK DORKS... humiliation, verbal abuse, cam shows (for my entertainment of course not yours) blackmail, and what ever else my bitchy side comes up with.

SHOE AND FOOT BITCHS... You will buy me shoes (there is NOTHING Princess loves more than Heels) nail polish, jewlery, pedicures and what ever else my perfect feet know there is nothing you want more then to see the things you bought for me on my feet.

CUCKOLD SLAVES... you will pay for dates I go on with my boyfriend, A REAL MAN!

SUGAR DADDYS/ADMIRERS... not into the dominating and just want to make sure this Princess is spoiled properly.

TASK BITCHES... If I need or want something, why the hell would I do it myself? That's what I have your pathetic ass for!