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Barely a BabyGirl

Let the prom queen teach you how to get pretty

"You little pervert!," I screamed. He jumped up & dropped the high heel pump in his hand that he had held over his nose & turned around to find me standing in my bedroom doorway with my arms crossed. He froze & was speechless. He thought he was safe and alone in the house. With his roommates having to work on Saturday's and I had left to go shopping with one of my girlfriends. He thought he had a couple of hours to himself. Caught up in his excitement & obsession & in need for sexual release he did not even hear me open the front door down stairs & come up the carpeted stairs to my room. He felt his heart pounding in his chest & could feel his face turning beat red with embarrassment. He started to stammer and stutter trying to find words of begging to keep this secret. There he was in my bedroom on my floor with many of my stockings and heels around him jerking off with one of my nylon stocking pulled over, up & around my hard cock. Adding to his humiliation, he was also wearing a pair of my stockings and smelling 1 of my spiked heel pumps. "How long were you standing...," he tried. "Never mind that!," I snapped before he could finish his question. "Long enough to see my little pervert getting ready to cum on my stockings!," I teased. I am loving but also always very strict & almost cruel with men in my demanding ways. He knew he was in for it! "I knew it! I knew you were getting into my nylons! I found some snags and pre-cum stains on my nylons, you little stocking pervert! I knew if I snuck back here I would catch you! OMG! You're wearing my stockings too? & smelling my heels? I saw you always looking at my legs and feet and running into the bathroom to jerk off! Then always finding my nylons in my drawer a mess & my new ones not folded right in the boxes. I knew it! I just knew it!" I giggled in a sing song tone. As I slowly walked into the room toward him, he pulled off my stocking that was over his hard-on letting it fall to the floor. He tried to cover up his erection with both hands and felt the stocking he was wearing fall & gather below his knees. The ultra sheer nylon legs swished & the sunlight from the bedroom window made them sparkle as I walked toward him, my ankles wiggled from my pointed toe tall black 4-inch stiletto spiked heels as they dug deep into the carpet. As I approached him, he stepped backward until he backed up against my dresser with my blocking his exit from my room. I stopped & stood with my hands on my hips and my legs spread slightly. Wearing those tall 4" spiked heels I stood taller than him which added to the power that I knew I had over him in his submissive begging for mercy state. I was dressed in my usual sluty style that I am known for & always gave guys boners because of it. My skirt was so tight that he could see the marks of my garter tab welts and knew where my stocking tops ended. My skirt was so short he could just start to see the beginning of my shiny black stocking tops even though I wore very long stockings. I was dealing with my life long passion and fetish for nylons. I stared him up and down & I was close enough for him to smell my perfume & the hair spray in that classic tall beehive hairstyle I wore. With my heavy dark eyeliner he could see my eyebrow rise & my stern frown on my face turned into a more controlling smile. "Please," he begged, "your not going to tell are you? I'll do anything!" "Anything?" I asked in my most innocent tone. "Yes please, anything your ask." I removed my arms from my hips and pointed one finger at him. "Your mine. You hear me? Your mine! You owe me big time! From now on you do as I command for doing these nasty things to my stockings, and you will buy all of my nylons from now on! You understand me?," I questioned. "Yes, oh yes I understand! Anything you want, I promise!," he hurridly agreed. "Good we understand each other then!," I smirked. With that same controlling look on my face I turned and walked to one of my dresser drawers and fumbled for a moment through my lingerie and pulled out a black short open bottom girdle. It had 6 garters attached to it with a side zipper. I walked back over to him and held it out on one of my fingers and said, "Finish!" He stammered once again with question to my offering. "Finish jerking off in front of me you little nylon pervert! I want to see you cum, I want to laugh at your male weakness for my stockings and heels!" I looked at his stockings now hanging lose around his ankles. "If your are going to wear my stockings you must wear them right. Put this girdle on, & don't act like you never have worn it before. I have found some crusty pre-cum stains on it. I know you have been into my lingerie drawer before.... Well haven't you?," I accused. With his face still red he lowered his head not to look into my eyes, "Yes, yes I have!," he almost whisered. "Good" I said dropping the garment out of my fingers to the floor. "Do as your are told, Sissy! I think I am actually going to enjoy this!"