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Mistress Savannah
Time for you to lay your money at my feet losers, and find out what a wallet raping really feels like. I always get what I want, and right now, I want your money!!! All of it, including your wife's paycheck too!!! No amount will ever be enough, but you can sure try like hell to make me happy by making sure I get every penny you earn!!! I'm going to give your wallet such a good work over, you will be on the fast track to bancruptcy and financial ruin. You will pay so dearly for the priviledge of being in financial service to me, you will have to beg on the streets to find more money for me!!! I am talking INSANE amounts of money!!! Open that wallet up and lube it up real good for the best wallet fuck you can experience!!! NO, I WILL NOT LOWER MY RATE FOR BROKE ASS CHEAPSKATES. I AM NOT RUNNING A GARAGE SALE OR A DISCOUNT STORE!!!!!

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