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Lady Koregan

Lady Koregan's Feminization Finishing School

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Always classy, never clich├ęd


I know your naughty
little secret.

About the panties
you're hiding in the back
of your underwear drawer,

About the stash
of lingerie magazines
beneath your pillow.

And how it makes
your little clitty hard
to look at them.

But it's not because
the girls are sexy.

It's because of the way you picture yourself looking
in their pretty lacy outfits.

I know you try on my lipstick
when I'm not home.

And fondle my high heel shoes when you think I'm not looking.

Let's face it, dear.
You were never meant
to be a man.

You can't compete.

It's just too much for you.

And somewhere along the way you realized you need to be
a woman instead.

So we'll make you into one.

We'll shop for pretty clothes and make up,

give you a new name, Style your hair and paint your nails.

I will teach you to walk and talk like a lady.

And of course you will learn to be my perfect little lady's maid,
complete with cap and uniform.

You will, naturally, have to make some sacrfices.

You won't be touching your clitty anymore.

In fact we may even lock it up in a shiny pink cage.

And you'll have to learn to live with the humilation of being a failed man.

But if you're a good little sissy.

If you really work hard.

And strive in every way to please me.

One of these nights I just may bring home a friend.

And have him teach you what it really means to be a woman.

Call now to begin your transformation into sissyhood perfection!

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"I came, I saw, She conquered. (The orignial Latin seems garbled.)" ~ Robert A. Heinlein

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