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You are here because you have an insatiable urge, in some ways a sexual drive, to fulfill a need. The reason, and I am your reason you are here is beyond your control, you cannot resist me. My beauty commands your attention. My presence demands your obedience. You are merely a marionette – I pull your strings and you dance as I please on the stage of my Life. Face it. Admit it. Even as you take in my words, your anticipation rises, your excitement builds, your need to please this goddess rises to an almost unbearable level. You want to be mine; you need to give to me. To serve this goddess with your very being is your destiny. Feel your heartbeat rise, notice your breath become quicker, watch your desire build to an obsessive need, revel in the excitement. Then, when you can stand the rising tension no longer, beg to be allowed to pay me homage with a tribute or gift. I am the beautiful mistress, a financial domination goddess, a true femme fatale. Give all your money to me; you will become my money slave, I may even introduce you to chastity training. A little money pig, totally humiliated into financial training for this high class rich bitch, an opulent goddess. I just adore consensual blackmail. I am after all your mistress, dominatrix, your diva and you need to be financially trained to do anything and everything I want. I will exploit you, hypnotize you with money hypnosis, into giving me all the riches money can buy. Financial exploitation is what I excel at, come here to your money slave mistress. Of course financial training can take time, I have to make sure you are trained correctly, so I may wallet rape you, exploit money. Humiliation, slave is all you deserve, nothing in return just the honor of serving me, your money domme, and your money domina. Tributes A tribute (from Latin tribulum, means contribution) is wealth one person gives to another as a sign of respect or admiration. Tributes are impulsive, spur of the moment offerings. A natural result of the constant building desire and burning need to please your mistress and express your adoration. Tributes are spontaneous offerings used to express your devotion and desire to please to me. Tributes are also my way of exerting or maintaining my power to control you, my slave. I love to manipulate my slaves to the fullest possible extent. To demand that you worship me and to trigger that need inside of you. I will fan the flames to bring a burning desire and watch you grovel and beg to offer me a tribute. The sheer power I wield is immensely satisfying. If I feel like it, and your grovelling pleases me, I may actually allow you to send your tribute. Otherwise, I will happily bask in the pleasure of making you suffer Gifts A slave’s life is devoted to making sure his mistress wants for nothing. There comes an opportunity to perchance to please your mistress while fulfilling your responsibility as a slave. I provide a current wish list of items I desire, thus giving the possibility for a slave to earn my attention. I may on occasion decide to grant a special opportunity to a very fortunate slave and notify you of a specific desire I wish you to fulfill. I will bathe in your torment and misery, a bittersweet existence... The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it ........ I can resist everything but temptation" (Oscar Wilde) Miss B Amazon wish-list: