Phone Sex

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I have a fancy for control and part of that control is controlling you. One way I enjoy sharing my unique desire is by pet-play where I am the Master and you are the pet. My two most favorite forms of play are pony-play and pup-play. As My pony in The Aristotelian Perversion, you will be required to learn from your earliest stage of training. You will learn how to wear a halter and walk with a lead. You will learn that you are only to walk on my right side. You will stand when I tell you to or walk when I tell you to. I will walk you in the round pen and teach you how to walk, trot, lope, and run. You will learn longeing, switching, and stopping. You will also learn clicking commands to move faster and voice commands to move slower. Once we've mastered the basics then we will go into bridling, saddling, and eventually riding. We might even get into cart play or even dressage.
As a pup you will learn obedience. You will learn how to sit, stay, fetch, and all the basic commands. You will also learn how to clean My feet and get my paper. One big lesson is how to protect your Mistress and growl at the people I tell you to.
I also enjoy training you as a werewolf, an alien, and other preternatural humanoids in a submissive capacity. So get your leather straps buckled and let's have some fun.
Please make sure to tell Me what type of pet you are. I cannot read minds nor do I want to.
Other terms for this fetish include
  • pony play
  • pet play
  • pup play or puppy play
  • ponyism