Phone Sex

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WARNING: Tall. Relentless. Ravenous. Voracious, well educated and intelligent, absolutely 110% no bullshit DOMINA.


Domination, humiliation, forced femme/bi, forced cum eating, cuckoldry, chastity, denial, slavery, roleplay of many scenarios, big breast fetishes, making you wank for mummy, medical fetishes, panties, tights, stockings, shoes, degradation, face slapping, trampling, ball crushing, ball breaking, boot worship, bondage, restraint, long term denial, and a damned sight more. If you think you have a special fetish to chat about, try me.

I'm a drop dead gorgeous, curvy and DOMINANT woman. I have a curvy figure - hourglass in shape with a bust you could lose a London bus in. Soft pale skin on the outside; but a tough cookie with a warped and corrosively bubbly sense of humour. If most people find something offensive, I'll probably laugh at it. VERY outgoing and talkative, never a dull moment I assure you!

I have over TWELVE YEARS experience, as a GENUINE Dominatrix and I am very, VERY skilled. I had the honour of learning from mentors I cannot even begin to thank. I treat people with respect and expect the same in return. I don't respond to people who think being rude will get me to do what they want, and I do not respond to anyone topping from the bottom.


HUMILIATING YOU VERBALLY AND PHYSICALLY. DRESSING YOU UP LIKE A SLUT. Delight in slapping you around like a dirty fucking whore. Spitting in your face as I laugh at your pathetic attempts to beg for mercy. Describing how I would arrange for your wife to be fucked by a good looking, well endowed stud whilst you were forced to watch, and eat the cum from both of them afterward. Calling you every name under the sun, and laughing when you get a raging hard-on over it. Whispering evil things into your ear, whilst I tell you how I'd sink my nails into your balls... Making you eat your own cum for my amusement.