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Mistress needs pathetic cucks and obedient subs

I'm an insatiable Mistress who is not being properly satisfied. My boyfriend lives out of state but even if he didn't, he is completely useless and incapable of satisfying my needs. He is a wimpy cuck who has a decent-sized cock but doesn't know what to do with it... it's so pathetic. It might as well be a tiny dick for all the use I get out of it. He can't keep it hard for as long as I need or want, and he definitely can't fill me up with as much cum as I need. He understands and accepts how inadequate and pathetic he is and that I need real men that can satisfy me. I make him go out to find men for me to fuck, making sure to let them know that he isn't able to satisfy me, and to beg them to fuck me since he can't. It is hot to be fucked by a nice big Bull cock (or several) in front of My cuck boyfriend and watch his priceless expressions and pitiful whimpers.

I love being used by *real* Dominant men that can handle a nasty slut like me but it makes me very hot and wet to use pathetic little bitches like my boyfriend that just don't know how to satisfy me. Since their useless little cocks aren't enough to make me cum, I get off by humiliating and using them for my pleasure and amusement instead.

While I thoroughly enjoy using pathetic little cucks, I also enjoy having good little obedient subs that know how to serve and pamper me. I love having them kneel on the floor next to me, dressing up for me, begging and squirming when I whisper in their ears what a good little sub they are. I especially like subs that enjoy nice large milky white breasts to suck on.

I am new to NiteFlirt (thus I don't have any ratings), BUT I am not new to keeping cucks begging and subs kneeling at my feet.

If you are a pathetic little cuck that needs to be reminded of how useless you are, or a good little sub that needs a caring Mistress, AND you feel that you are worth of My time, call. You won't be disappointed.