Phone Sex

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I am the Femme Fatale of your fantasies and the Sadistic Bitch of your nightmares, in boots and strap on. I love to intimidate My underlings, and seduce submissive men. I'm simply your unattainable Mistress, Ms Eris Discordia, whom allows you to worship Her feet, if you are My obedient slave. One reason I have so overwhelmingly exerted covert and overt influence over My submissives is because of My uncomfortably clear perception of mankind. I'm worthy of the status of anti-hero that My admirers have bestowed upon Me. You know, if a dominatrix like Me did not exist, someone would have to invent Me. I resonate with a discordant force so completely that I have attracted delicious undying love, and fierce loyalty. I gain satisfaction in knowing that My "moral" detractors whom would grimace at My practices will remain forever clueless as to My true complexity I know what you want, and I know what you deserve. I can read your mind, I can read your body, and I certainly know how to get the reaction I'm looking for and the results that I desire. You are My plaything; give yourself to Me completely. Please Me. Do as I say. Do not disobey Me. I offer you an opportunity to earn My appreciation for your devotion to Me, but you must please Me from the beginning. Do not come to Me thinking you are worthy, come to Me with the most sincere desire to have an intense and truly memorable experience. I will separate your mind from your body and take you places you've never been through total and complete domination. My Lusts must be fulfilled. Come forth and make your presence known by satisfying My whims, so that these obscene vistas of my bizarre desires may take form in future deeds and undoings.