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Feet Worship With Princess Emma

I love looking down and seeing a slut on all fours worshipping my perfect size 8 feet. Eagerly waiting for permission to move in closer so that he might get to lick, kiss, suck, and sniff them. I love teasing a footslut by crossing and uncrossing my long legs as I dangle my sexy heels on my big toe. Making him think that I might drop the shoe any moment and catching it at the very last second before it falls to the floor. It amuses me to watch him hold his breath in anticipation and hear his sigh of relief. Haha. Knowing each has that certain button if pushed makes them completely yours. Teasingly kicking off the heels as I laugh, I love pressing my toes into the floor and wiggling them to get blood back into them after freeing them from the tight confines of the heels. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm….Then arching my barefeet playfully and finding what truly makes the particular footbitch weak with each calculated move. Whether it’s flashing the soft soles of my feet, ensuring that they are extra sweaty, perhaps even stinky or unwashed , or a dozen other things that truly makes a footboy melt, I always figure out their lil secret and exploit them. Hahaha

Resting my feet on their thighs as they kneel with their legs wide open is also a good way into their wallets. Hahaha. It never takes long for their cocks to get rock HARD just being that close to my feet. The things that come out of their mouths! Hahaha. The promises! If ONLY I will let them touch my feet! If ONLY I will let them run their tongues over each toe so they can feel the enamel of my nail polish. Hahaha. If ONLY they could have my soles resting on their face so they can barely breathe! Hahaha. If ONLY I would press my foot between their legs and press HARD. I wonder how long it would be before they made a mess all over my pretty feet if I allowed it! 0.2 seconds?! Ha!

In case you haven’t figured it out, I adore foot fetish and worship sessions. I also enjoy tease and denial, feminization, forced-bi, cuckolding, and small cock humiliation.