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Want to Flirt with a "special" girl like me?

Why do men appreciate "special" girls? I have some thoughts on the matter that I would like to share;

IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE - Transgendered persons (TG's) are born with the same equipment, and therefore know what feels good. A TG can service you in a way that (most) women just can't do without a lot of coaching.

BOYS LIKE GIRLS - Many guys are hesitant to experience other men due to society's stigma & perception of gays. An intimate encounter with a pretty girl, who happens to have a penis, can help overcome some of the hesitation.

MEN ARE FROM MARS, WOMEN FROM VENUS - Sometimes the communication between men & women is as if they're speaking different languages. Communication of thoughts & desires can often be much easier with a TG.

CURIOSITY - Plain & simple, many men are just dying to know if being with a tranny will turn them on.

FEMININITY - Many TG's are actually more feminine that genuine girls in many respects. Attention to a more feminine style of dress, make-up, respect for men, etc.

LIBERAL ATTITUDES - As the TG community is not generally accepted in mainstream society at the present time, men can find TG's to be more accepting & understanding of personal traits and/or kinks. (Please note that "liberal" does not pertain to the liberal vs. conservative political point of view).

JUST PLAIN HOT - In many cases, a guy can approach & be with a very attractive TG with a great deal of success. A very attractive genuine girl is very often "out of his league".

Please remember that these are just some opinions of mine. to agree or disagree with as you like.

Call me to discuss, dispute or explore any or all of the above opinions. I assure you that we'll have some fun, one way or another!!!


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