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Beg me to ruin your life, to make mine better!

I'm Princess Nakia, the girl you were afraid to approach because you knew you didn't stand a chance. Well here's your chance boys....Do you have the desire to give? The desire to spoil? The desire to suffer financially to make me happy? Good. You are one step closer to serving me, a true Goddess AND Princess. You are NOTHING to me! The only thing you are good for is submission of MONEY. You want ME to pay YOU attention instead of the thousands of other little piggies trying to get it? Then get on your knees with your wallet wide open and serve Princess Nakia. I want to roll around in your money and laugh at you because you had to eat PB&J sandwiches ALL week to make sure your Princess got her manicure and matching pedicure. You will still be dirt to me, but don't you feel better? Sure you do! Am I greedy? Hell Yeah, I'm the damn Princess around here and deserve nothing BUT the best. I will use and abuse your wallet to get what I want. I don't want, OR need you! YOU NEED ME! I have monthly expenses that MUST be paid ON TIME. So pay up! I hate men with excuses, I can think of a list of things you can cut back on in your daily life to make sure I get what I want, and you WILL obey me. Call me, and when you WILL hear dead air until you tell me how much you want to spend on me and why I deserve it. Don't forget to pay a tribute, and don't forget to leave feedback so I can open MyFlirtStore so you can buy me stuff.