Phone Sex

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I might only be 20 but I know exactly what you pervy men want! Hahaha. Me! I know by the way you boys stare at me that I have power over you! It makes me laugh how you can’t take your eyes off me while I walk by! Or the way you pretend to be going in the same direction all of a sudden just to have me in your sights for a few more minutes. I bet you put me in your spank bank and jerk off to me when you get home! Hell you probably can’t even wait that long! It wouldn’t surprise me if you spanked your sad lil cock in the parking lot! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!

Well when I am not in class or out with my girlfriends, I can be found on NF taking fetish phonesex calls. My favorite types of calls are the tease and denial ones! I love torturing you losers! Getting you right to that edge where you are so close that you could probably cum without even touching your itty bitty cocks! It cracks me up when I make you pay to even touch your own cocks! Hahaha. Then charging you even more to allow you to cum! I know you boys love it when I change my mind about allowing you at the very last minute too! Hahahaha. Making you wait days or weeks while your balls turn blue and ache! Or humiliating you by making you stroke til you spew your icky jizz all over your own face or lick it up off the floor!

There is no way I would ever date a guy like you! So don’t ever think just because you spend a ton of money on me that I will be your girlfriend! Hahaha. I am so out of your league!