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Thick & juicy, like a steak. Come. Feast on me. ♥

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I spend a lot of time at home masturbating with my heavy duty magic wand vibrator. Since I got it, I learned that if I go long enough and come enough times, eventually I hit this weird point of no return on my inner g-spot and I just start making a mess of the sheets. It's actually kind of embarrassing because I'm always worried that all that liquid is something else. But I've smelled it, and it's definitely ejaculate. Lots of it.

It takes awhile, but it seems like the orgasms never stop once I reach that special squirt point. If I keep going, I just keep coming. But it's exhausting. I once strained my brain trying to coming too many times!

Call me and let's find out how many orgasms you can milk from me in one session. Hydration may become an issue...

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