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I am a true country girl that enjoys having a great time. I have been around since 2009 and I am here to stay. I work from home which is just awesome for me. I am a true blonde yes this is my real color and the curtains absolutely match the drapes. I enjoy being outside if you look at all my pictures and content that is very apparent that I like to show it off in the great outdoors. I do cam on skype can use yahoo if that is all you have. I will watch you and you can watch me or you can just watch me it is however you prefer just call me on one of my set up cam lines. I am into a lot of things but above all I am here to have a great time. This is just a fun thing for me. I enjoy the freedom of being able to explore and talk about things that in real life I might be a shy about. I am into being submissive but I can take control too. I enjoy sissy play from dressing you up to taking you out. I like to explore fetishes and often talk about such things as balloons, inflatables, sph, pantyhose, giantess, cuckolding, bondage, tons and tons of roles plays, so if you are looking to explore a side of yourself we can have some fun together. It is not all about sex talk though I do have guys that just call me up to chat. Because I work from home I am a lot of hours so if you just want to relax and have a great conversation call me up. I have an ever growing selection of "goodie" which is just a Niteflirt term for content. I have all kinds of movies from threesome, girl on girl, girl on guy, solo, fetishes and if you have an idea I have not yet made tell me about I greatly enjoy hearing it. I also enjoy making MP3 or recordings I have a number of these already up but always looking to make more. I enjoy the recordings because of the freedom to step into areas that it might not be feasible for me to shoot a movie of. I know some of you enjoy picture sets and I have those as well. I want to remind you that adding me to your favorites is a great way to find me quickly and I treat my favorites a little special so you get fun stuff too. You can find me on twitter I do not currently do facebook it is just not my thing. Make sure you rss feed me and my partners exclusive Niteflirt blog we call it but if you start peeking around you will see it has a lot more stuff than just items for sale. I greatly enjoy gifts so make sure you check out my Amazon wish list. This is how I pay my bills but over the years it has become far more than that I have made some long lasting friends on here and it is a community that I greatly enjoy being part of. I look forward to playing with you.

I am a naughty girl that enjoys the control of a strict master. I like to please you in ever way. I know some girls are into goddess worship but I would much rather have a god in my life to make me be a good brat. I am often the damsel in distress because I can not keep myself out of trouble. When I am bad I know I deserve a bare handed spanking on my round bottom. There is just something about being under someone's control that I can not get enough of. I like it when you utilize blindfolds to give engulf me in a sensory deprivation. When I am blindfolded everything becomes far more intense. Pinchin my nipples when I least expect it becomes far more enjoyable. You are in complete control including absolute orgasm control. I am here for you to enjoy the most. When you have had a hard day at the office I like it when you come in grabbing me bending me over and using me for some rough sex. You will find that my pussy will drip from you as you hold me tight. To be bent over with your strong hands on my hips and your teeth gently not so gently biting my shoulder is such a rush.

I know when I am a bad girl I deserve to be punished. My bottom is here for you to use however you desire I be used. Sometimes I need a quick little slapping session on the bottom. Other times I require your belt for a hard spanking with lots of pretty red welts. I know when I am having a particularly bad day which is going to require a severe amount of discipline you will use rope to bondage me up for the session required of me.

Your penis means so much to me and I want to take care of it correctly. I want to feel your strong long digits fingering me hard in order to get what I want I have to take care of your needs first. I worship your cock gently licking that shaft and using a lot of suction on the large purple head of yours. I am eager to hear your cum eating instructions on what you desire of me to do. If you will give a great cum shot all over my face I will be so happy to have pleased you so much.

I hope to dress in ways that are pleasing to you and enjoy the fetishes that you desire as well. From extreme high heels to soft tickling fur. I enjoy all kinds of fetishes as well.

Lets enjoy each other!

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