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Ms Chilly Hicks

Come Peek In My Window With Cam

I am a true country girl that enjoys having a great time. I have been around since 2009 and I am here to stay. I work from home which is just awesome for me. I am a true blonde yes this is my real color and the curtains absolutely match the drapes. I enjoy being outside if you look at all my pictures and content that is very apparent that I like to show it off in the great outdoors. I do cam on skype can use yahoo if that is all you have. I will watch you and you can watch me or you can just watch me it is however you prefer just call me on one of my set up cam lines. I am into a lot of things but above all I am here to have a great time. This is just a fun thing for me. I enjoy the freedom of being able to explore and talk about things that in real life I might be a shy about. I am into being submissive but I can take control too. I enjoy sissy play from dressing you up to taking you out. I like to explore fetishes and often talk about such things as balloons, inflatables, sph, pantyhose, giantess, cuckolding, bondage, tons and tons of roles plays, so if you are looking to explore a side of yourself we can have some fun together. It is not all about sex talk though I do have guys that just call me up to chat. Because I work from home I am a lot of hours so if you just want to relax and have a great conversation call me up. I have an ever growing selection of "goodie" which is just a Niteflirt term for content. I have all kinds of movies from threesome, girl on girl, girl on guy, solo, fetishes and if you have an idea I have not yet made tell me about I greatly enjoy hearing it. I also enjoy making MP3 or recordings I have a number of these already up but always looking to make more. I enjoy the recordings because of the freedom to step into areas that it might not be feasible for me to shoot a movie of. I know some of you enjoy picture sets and I have those as well. I want to remind you that adding me to your favorites is a great way to find me quickly and I treat my favorites a little special so you get fun stuff too. You can find me on twitter I do not currently do facebook it is just not my thing. Make sure you rss feed me and my partners exclusive Niteflirt blog we call it but if you start peeking around you will see it has a lot more stuff than just items for sale. I greatly enjoy gifts so make sure you check out my Amazon wish list. This is how I pay my bills but over the years it has become far more than that I have made some long lasting friends on here and it is a community that I greatly enjoy being part of. I look forward to playing with you.

I am the girl next door that enjoys leaving her blinds open. I know you watch me and it turns me on to have that much control over you. You leave your blinds open to so I know that you are not getting sex anywhere near as much as I do. On a hot summer night I might even leave my window open so you can hear me talking dirty to my partner telling them how much I want to give them a long slow wet blow job. I am not the good girl of the neighborhood. I know what people say and I like it. I have always enjoyed being naked there is a huge streak in me that enjoys exhibitionism. To have my friend of the day sit outside in the backyard and give me a long slow fingering with my skirt pulled up and my panties to the side then to be bent over for some hardcore intercourse. I know you watch how can you not? There are so many fetishes that I greatly enjoy. I have a closet full of costumes that I wear for my lovers. I know you are into my panties I have seen you staring at all the time and I think you might have broke in a time or two because I know I am missing some pairs. Late at night when I am getting ready for bed wearing my favorite corset, taking off my makeup of the day, and repainting my fingernails; I can feel your wanting eyes staring into me. There is something so powerful for me to know that you are enduring ruined orgasms because of me.

If I brought you over you would be my plaything I have taunted you so much that I would greatly enjoy some role reversal play. You will do anything to please me from long slow massages to brushing my blonde hair. The smell of my shampoo just makes your hair fetish even worse than before. You know I have really large muscular lovers. You will do anything to get close to that beautiful pussy of mine. I enjoy making you my complete bitch from ballbusting those over full testicles of yours to coerced bi play. You may never actually get to fuck me instead you might be allowed to use my favorite dildo on me. I only use cocks for my pleasure that I desire to do you have something that will please me in every way.

You and I can have lots of fun and it starts with you peeking in my windo

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