Phone Sex

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The Sublime Siren

Let Me destroy you, one stroke at a time.


You know that fuzzy, dazed, speechless, confused and aroused sensation you're feeling right about now? You might as well get used to it, because it is your future, from this moment forward. I lead an extremely pampered life and no matter how much I have, I always want MORE! I'm going to get so deep into your mind that you won't even notice the bitter pain of being fucked so hard as I prove what a slimy little cash pig you are by raping that wallet DRY, payday after payday!
Everything you have is not enough.

Soon you'll have nothing but your hard dick and your whiny letters begging Me to let you touch it and cum. Even then I will continue to drain you and demand more, because I enjoy material wealth. I will chastise your cock and balls as long as I choose to and I will be the Key Master, whose ears are deaf to your incessant pleas for mercy. You will learn how loser pay piggies, like you, are supposed to speak, think, talk, walk and behave. It's time you come out of denial and realize what a cock-sucking, cash piggy, slut you truly are.

Click the button little piggy and begin your new life.

As soon as you begin to feel that your mind, cock, balls, body and soul are slipping from your control, say My name: Selene! Those insignificant things that you once prized are now all Mine. Forget everything you knew, your routines, social life, hopes, dreams, random encounters, etc, they are meaningless now. Your one solitary priority is working hard, for Me, and keeping Me pleased, always. You will pay to be trained. You will pay to be acknowledged. You will pay to be told the the daily truth of how pathetic you are. You will max out your credit cards to please Me. You will deplete your checking account to make Me smile. You will liquidate your savings accounts to avoid disappointing Me. You will max all of your account limits to give Me what I want. Just don't be a fool and expect Me to do anything for you, that would be a very unwise way to think. I'm here to amuse Myself by taking everything you have and you are privileged to be available for My raping.... This is hardcore financial fuckery here and you will Pay to be destroyed, deeply humiliated and enlightened by the Best!

I'm a very greedy Bitch, you are a worthless little money swine. I have absolute control, and you will do whatever I say. No exceptions!