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David Dixon

David Dixon is here Ready to Service You M4M.

I'm ready to bring every fantasy to life that you have imaginable.

I am a man who knows what he wants and how to get it. Use me. I am real and know how to please a man. Let me bring your fetish to life.

Let me know if there is anything that you would like for me to discuss even prerecorded that I will help cum true.

I am yours to use to your liking. (Whether that be a jack off buddy, someone you want to boss around and force feed me your cock that you cannot get anywhere else or frustrations on being gay(Let me show you it is OK)

You can be any gender, height, weight and live in any type of housing situation. I am yours. If you even want to call me to cry to tell me how you feel it is OK also as many men do as I except you as who you are. I have received $12 bonuses meaning a dozen roses also. How romantic.

"Let me pull out a rose to spiral it on your balls as I am cradled over you.. Making you smell it as you cum over my asshole as I slowly let you spurt your load up my hole as I french kiss you."

Let me clean up now. I am worth it as my experience is better. You can pass me around or play me on a speaker with a group as I am able to fuel you safely.

Call me as a couple if you like so I can fuel you if needed. I have been told that I have been worked into their monthly expenses. You will see why.

Kneeling by the Christmas tree with a bow with a pulley around my neck with the bow in the middle of my chest with another on a cock ring below with glitter garland tassels on my hips to help the moment. (I have put a piece of mistletoe above my cock and misted my ass with a wine to please you.)

Now where is your tongue to have your wine.. (Put on that Santa suit or should I)

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A Dozen Roses (Gift For The Houseboy $12.00) "Let me pull one out and spiral the tip on your balls as I suck your desire like a French Tickler rim and prostate job"

Shower scene MP3 with The Houseboy waking up his master after returning from a workout downstairs. It fastly leads to a combined shower fuck fest of The Benefits of Being The Houseboy. 7 Minutes and 26 Seconds. (The verbal sound changes a little at the end during the cum shots. It was not changed on purpose as it feels more that you are there spurting your cum inside me. A real fuck dildo session took place here during the recording.

Reality $7.26 PPV(Pay Per View/Listen)

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