Phone Sex

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Time to please your Princess

Hello LOSERS!! Listen up!!

Are you ready to be put in your place? You DO know where your place is right? That's right, it's down on your fucking knees begging me just to give you the slightest bit of attention! I know what you're doing right now. You're just wishing you could rub your pathetic little bitty cock and pleasure yourself. But this isn't about you is it? Ohh no, of course not. Not by a long shot boy. This is all about Princess and what she wants isn't it? 

Who needs anything other than perfection? aka: ME!

Anytime you even think of doing something that would make yourself satisfied you stop. Pause and thinking. Would a GOOD little bitch do that? Or would they instead please ME. That's right, you aren't even part of the picture here. Just me, just my wants and desires! So start paying up boy! Because THIS GIRL has expensive tastes and it's your pathetic ass that is going to pay for them.  

You know you need to do it!

Spoil me! Because you know you need and want to. You work hard for your money and know you don't deserve it. That's because I deserve every last cent! You love knowing that you're keeping this Princess Happy. Don't deny it, and stop wasting both our time. Pick up the damn phone, and call me! 

Worship my feet!
Hmm Perfection!
So fab!
Loser assignments