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I love to tease. I always have. I love making you hard, toying with you, making you wait, then finally.... finally... well that varies from person to person. Maybe you'll have a great orgasm, maybe you'll get locked up in a chastity tube and sent to bed frustrated. I have a boyfriend...well more of just a slave really...who is currently locked in chastity and only let out once a week. And that's if he behaves himself. I love teasing him. Absolutely love it. watching his little thingy try to fight it's way through the bars of his little cock cage. Then I have another boyfriend, well more of just a lover really. He fucks me when I need him to, otherwise he pretty much just does his own thing. My slave hates it when I tell him I think I might have forgotten the key to his chastity belt over at my man's house. He knows better than to get lippy with me though, so he usually just whimpers off and makes his sad little puppy-who-didnt-get-his-treat face. I love it. I just love it. I will happily feminize you, humiliate you, laugh at you, tease and deny you, lock up your cock, have you sit on a butt plug, or even better bend you over and fuck you with my nice big strap-on. I can cuckold you, I can give you advice about your current cuckold fantasies and guide you in the femdom lifestyle. I will have you eating cream pies, I will have you tickled, teased, denied, plugged, blindfolded, strap-on you, have you sucking cock, make you lick my toes, wear your key around my anklet or necklace, I will dress you up in frilly, lacy panties, maybe even turn you into a full-blown tranny and pimp you out. The sky is the limit so please call and don't be shy.