Phone Sex

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No one controls you but Me

No woman. Not even yourself.

As you begin to peer at the velvety blackness of the cube, you can allow your hand to mouse over it. And so it begins to move, slowly at first, and then perhaps faster as the muscles of your hand unconsciously take over.

G A Z E...

The colored swirls, perhaps resembling Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis, lighting the sky surreally, ever-changing.

Go back and look again, darling.

And become aroused.

B R E A T H E, darling...

You know you will need to call me... soon... Won't you, darling?

Of course you will, because you can't cum without My permission.

Go back and look again for just a moment, darling.

Of course you will need to call me very soon, darling.

Because as the feeling grows stronger, the harder you try to resist it, the harder it becomes.

You know it is true, because you can feel it happening inside of you even as you read these words.

That's right, darling. You know what you need to do. And you know you need to do it right now.

I'm sure you'll do the right thing. Won't you, darling?

Simply because I am in control. Isn't that true, darling?