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Sweaty feet/socks humiliation--Warning: VERY cruel

I'm a handsome 20 year old with a punky/alternative look, perhaps with just a hint of emo. As far as orientation goes, I personally prefer least when it comes to the relationships where I'm not degrading and torturing the other person. When I deal with men, I'm the one in charge. And when I'm the one in charge, I'm a cruel, scornful little fucker. If that isn't something you can accept, then don't waste your time reading the rest of this listing.

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There are few things in the world that make me happier than verbally and physically humiliating a man twice my age. Be warned that I am a cruel, sadistic little bastard--I don't like to force men to smell my dirty, sweaty, long-worn socks--I like to force him on his hands and knees and have him BEG for the PRIVILEGE to smell the stench of my feet.

Age is not a factor in whether I will dominate/humiliate somebody, but generally-speaking, the older the man, the more satisfying it is when he's on the floor groveling and sniveling like a little girl. Younger men are welcome too, just don't so long as you don't get haughty about the couple of years you have on me, as I will ruthlessly put you back in your place for such insolence.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Wouldn't you like to be kneeling here at my feet?
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I also love it when my footslaves shower me with presents or donations. If they're especially generous, I've sometimes been known to gift them a pair of socks that I wore just for them, for as long as they wanted. A couple lucky losers have even been rewarded with shoes that have collected the stink of my feet for years.

If you think you can handle my gleefully mocking verbal abuse and intensely smelly feet, then by all means give me a call. Who knows, I might even end up having a bit of myself, if you're an especially entertaining little toy.

Haven't made up your mind yet? I suppose I'm feeling rather generous--here's a picture of my foot for your viewing pleasure. Weirdo.
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