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Mistress Kiwi

Asian Downunder Mistress Sexy & Smart 4 u

Mistress Kiwi

I am Dominant so do not call me telling me to what to suck. You have been warned! I am making myself available on here for My pleasure; not yours. Remember this.

Little Worms call me only for Dominant Asian Kiwi.

I like money first and foremost. I am looking for a slave to live with me; could this be you?

I enjoy:sissy training,cross-dressing, supporting bi-sexuality, alternative lifestyles. Discipline&Training a sub is in my nature. I love an intelligent conversation and will entertain any role-play that I want to; not what you want me to. Be prepared to be told no!on occasion.

Looking for something besides a cookie-cutter call- I am your first choice.
I am Vibrant -Intelligent -Sensual. I only lack one possession; I seek to own a slave and his life.

I do not do as I am told. I never have and I never will do. I am available to take calls from intelligent males,dorkish, sissy, or cucks... you are the reason I am here so call me..
I have worked as a professional Mistress for elite clients.

I can be a dangerous Dominant. I will use my intelligence to control you and will engage mind fuckery to get what I want; if you have it:)


Mistress Kiwi

Mistress Kiwi

My friends tell me that I am not as bossy as I make out I am;why not call me and find out for yourself.

I work as a part-time photographic model for a gentleman friend of mine and as such I have a large collection of pictures that I may offer to callers who impress me with their devotion.

I want you to call me-do not be afraid if you have not called an Asian Mistress in the past;I will not bite!

I will listen to you and can offer you my vast experience on the BDSM and cuckold lifestyles also.

Do I now have your full attention?
Then why wait another minute.

I told you I would not bite hard:)I have a strong listening ear and will take control when you have peaked my interest enough that I feel 'into you'.

Tell me all your fantasies-I like to listen.. I promise you one thing. I am not like any other call you have had on Niteflirt in the past.
Love talking to me... then surprise me and tell me so or better still-Show me!

Mistress Kiwi

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I am feeling very sexy and starting to reveal for you in these two photographs.

I am showing you why men weaken at the knees&beg in these two photographs.