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Sex abounds in Greek Legend and Mythology...

Everybody was screwing everybody. Gods, Humans, etc., orientation and gender didn't matter much, Oral, Anal, Vaginal...pretty much everything was acceptable. Sex and Social Order were closely intertwined. Take for example the custom of Pederasty. This was the custom of binding a younger man, at an age where an aristocratic youth would be expected to enter military training, to an older more established man in what was essentially a social contract. The older man provided gifts, introduced the younger man into society both military and civil, and often into the religion of Zeus. There was, quite often, a sexual relationship between the mentor and the younger man; this not only carried no stigma in Ancient Greece, it was an accepted social practice. If there was a sexual relationship there were even proscribed methods to preserve the young man's dignity. It also did not imply homosexuality, married men who often had other female lovers or mistresses, freely engaged in the practice. No less a Hero than Hercules himself engaged in this practice.

In keeping with this Rich and Varied History I am willing to explore any combinations you can come up with; male, female, groups, any mix of gender you wish. If you are seeking only abuse and humiliation with no story or purpose behind it please call someone else; I won't be able to do a good call for you, I am simply not in to it. I can and will do BDSM Games and Slave Training Scenarios that have a mutually satisfying outcome. I am into Role Plays and Fantasies; games rich in detail that have a storyline, maybe even a plot, or even better a sudden twist of plot like I pulled on the wife in my story The Cuckold. If you have a fetish or game I've never done and you are willing to give me a chance to learn and share your passion for it I will do everything possible to give you a good call; and a better one the next time. I love these games because they can literally go anywhere we choose to take them. The mind is the focus of eroticism, if our story can create a vivid image in your mind then for that moment the story no matter how fantastic is real! If this is what you seek give me a call and let me Weave Your Dream! Or, if you prefer; I can write you The Custom Story Of Your Dreams, The Ultimate Bedtime Story.

I love Weaving The Dream; Creating A Great Role Play. This requires some basic information from you about what you want. Doing this when you call will take a few minutes at the beginning; or if you prefer, email me what you would like to do and work out the details beforehand so when you call we can get right into your game.

The Cuckold

Mr. Fixit

I Am A Naturally Dominant Male And My Interests Include;


Cuckold Games

Public Embarassment/Humiliation


Slave Training Male or Female - I have learned much from James Mogul!


Corporal Punishment; Various Whips, Caning/Sticks, Spanking.

Japanese Bondage Ropes

Device Bondage Testing Limits And Endurance Both Physical And Sexual.

Fetishes - You tell me, I love to learn new ones!

Orgasm Denial

Masturbation/Device Masturbation (Males)

Induced Multiple Orgasms (Females)

Roleplay - It's unlikely that you can shock me, but you're welcome to try!