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Financial Succubus Dominatrixxx

I know your dark little secrets. I know what gets you hot. This is how I will expose your disgusting addiction, you subservient simple-minded shell of a man. I’ll slip my hand in to your pocket and rape you of your wallet while I distract you by revealing your disgusting little fantasies. You came here for a reason. There’s no turning back now. Soon you’ll be my cum-guzzling little concubine. I am already your master. Bore me, and I’ll leave you wanting and dissatisfied; entertain me and maybe you’ll get a little taste of the Goddess you wish you had. Your money is my only entertainment, and your only purpose in life is to give it all to me. I’ll laugh as I destroy your pride and throw you into an embarrassing financial ruin. Here is just a little taste of how I will make you beg for mercy: OBEDIENCE TRAINING My charm and wit will make you submit, you shit-stained little doormat! Admit it; you’re nothing more than a pawn waiting for the Queen’s instructions. I will whip you mentally, so hard you can feel my tortures under your skin. You can already taste the coppery blood in your mouth. Don’t bite your tongue, slave. How will you be able to bitch and moan about your defeat later? CLOTHING HUMILIATION Your dick is my little dolly; now dress her in pretty clothes and make her dance, you faggot! You’ll never be a real man; you knew that the first time you tried on those tight, lacey little panties, didn’t you? I’m going to dress you up in heels and pantyhose and make you my pretty little girlfriend. I’ll laugh at you as your remnants of self-respect drip down your face in beads of sweat. Don’t forget your eyeliner, bitch: it makes your tears so much more enjoyable. TINY PENIS RIDICULE Oh, another sorry excuse for a man? Your itty bitty penis couldn’t even stretch a virgin’s cherry. Tell me how tiny it is, and I’ll tell you how extraordinarily useless you are. FOOT FETISH FANTASIES I bet you’d love to see my perfect little toes, wouldn’t you? I’m a dancing Goddess. You are dying to worship my feet. Oh, poor thing, I didn’t leave any public pictures up to tease you with. I know what you love about a woman’s feet. It’s not just the perfectly manicured nails, or the curvature of my arches that drives you wild. It’s the silky skin, soft but firm; it’s the smell and the gentle moistness between my toes that sets you wild and makes you drool. Give me your money so I can shower it over my toes, and dance through it in my heels. I’m bored now. Keep me happy with your wallet, little piggy. There’s no turning back now. I already own that dark little part of you. I will take everything you have. I love leaving you broke. That way, no other woman will ever want you. Because you know your money is all you have to offer. You know you’re useless, but for your loaded wallet. Give it to me. I know you’re throbbing with the desire to shower me in your money. I already have you. I’m already under your skin. You won’t be able to stop thinking about me, your Mistress Calypso, your Succubus, your Goddess. Give in and pay; it’s your only means of attaining satisfaction now. But I warn you, the satisfaction is only temporary. I’ll feed your addiction, and you’ll keep coming back for more. I may be new to this site, but I’m busy elsewhere. Don’t waste my time with offerings as small as your itty bitty dick. I demand financial sacrifices. The most submissive piggies will get my temporary attention first. The rest of you can only masturbate with your tears, and find security solely in your total worthlessness.