Phone Sex

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There are many things we are taught to be ashamed of or
are not comfortable with because we believe it is not
normal and we feel fear of the unknown.
We remain blissfully ignorant and when we hear of or see
others daring and living what we could have done our
selves, we become bitter, jealous and right down nasty.
Well that’s how wars are started from within out to others…
Then there’s some of us who see these exact people and don’t want to be “HATERS” and we too
begin to dare ridding ourselves of old tired deadly thought
And rediscovering our child mind of discovery…
Men and women don't understand the simplicity of sex and they judge sex by the person behind the sex and the actions of that person.
Sex in general is free and innocent.
Now, how one is molded and made to believe
false myths about the subject of sex/the stigma,
the mere mention of sex carries leads people to do some
right down inexplicable things, to hide or to quench their desires.
They feel alone and strange because they believe that they are sick, perverted and deviant.
But really, Sex is very much like food appetite and they vary from individual to individual
No one on the planet likes it exactly the way you want it…
And like some people say “it’s, really none else's business”
Since is it is something you own that’s yours alone,treat it with love respect and share it with those whose appetite imitates yours.
Don’t look for approval.
If you feel it is right and your harming none, intentionally/criminally.
Your approval is all you need...
When desire over powers on it’s delicious!
When there is honesty involved and both parties know this might just a be fuck and that’s great
then there is no bad experience.
and when you make love you!
When you hustle with it, it must have skilled educated well informed understanding of individual
desire and drive,in turn making it an erotic art in motion...
Once all safety precautions have been set there should be no second thought, loving every inch of your bodies, never hesitating to let one know what feels good and what doesn't.
If you like a little pain with your pleasure?
There are those who’d love to indulge with you! I am a joy consultant and I will help enjoy life!