Phone Sex

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It's about the money. I'm way better than you.

It's pretty simple. You get off on being around guys who are better than you. I get off on knowing you're hot for me and willing to do what it takes to make me happy.

Now think about it. All your life you've loved it when a guy used you because he knew you were into him - maybe when your roommate laughed at you after he drank your beer and got you to tell him you wanted to suck his dick; or when your straight neighbor 'borrowed' that money off you and never paid you back and you never dared ask him for it; or when you invited the guys from work over for poker and they drank the beer, ate the food and then they all went out to chase pussy and didn't even pretend you were included.

Face it, you're not as good as those guys are and they know it.

Sure, they'll put up with you if there's something in it for them. It's kind of like how they use slutty girls - once they get what they need, they're gone. The only difference is the girl sluts get sex out of it and you don't even get that unless you count your little jerk session after they leave.

Give it up. Think how great it will feel when you finally stop pretending and finds someone who knows you need to be hurting a little to get off.

That's what I offer. You get to talk to me and and give me money -- no bullshit games. You know you want to cough it up for me and I'll let you do it. You just have to be willing to let yourself admit you are inferior.

I'll get off on your money and you can get off on knowing you are hurting just a little and making my life a little easier.

Hey, it's not like you're gonna end up on the street. I'll just take a little more than you can afford. Hell, you can work some overtime. Not a bad bargain, you get to talk to a guy who understands how much you need to be used and I get some of your hard-earned cash.