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Hypno Goddess Aninika

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Your fantasy of (CLICK FOR 7 MIN sample and 3 hot pix! ) giving up control even temporarily to a Goddess has an indelible, undeniable allure. Surrendering this kind of control maybe a heady experience for you, however, you will soon find out that the exhilarating calm and climactic experience can and will take over your whole being if you let it.

Save for at least 30 min. USE CHAT TO ASK for goodies ( NEW ONE PUT UP APRIL 17 FOR LESS THEN $1.00!)..

Conversationally I as a hypnotherapist specialize in reframing negative beliefs into a more acceptable one even making negative beliefs or problems feel not only tolerable but OK! A frame is the lens through which you view a situation. Since frames are often out of our conscious awareness they can act as very powerful hypnotic filters or “meta-suggestions.”

Some things that I specialize in is REFRAMING your problems; meaning, any issues you feel that you have, can be reframed so that you are NOT as sensitive to your problems and feel Sissification, FIN DOM, Cock control, Cuckolding, Cum Eating, Real Therapy, Vanilla Hypnosis (Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, Time Delegation, Stress Relief, Phobias, Insomnia, Pain) etc is all that I specialize in.

60 minutes!! GRLFRIEND EXP! YET SEX-SLAVE AS you worship/feel your GODDESS!

Are you lonely, wanting to surrender to a beautiful GODDESS like me? Is it my body you want to feel, to make love to; to control you?? Or maybe you need a HOT GODDESS to PUSH YOU and MAKE YOU suck cock for the first time? I CAN make you feel that these desires are NO LONGER SCARY, or embarrassing! MOST OF ALL, I can turn these desires into reality.




Though it is difficult to hypnotize someone against their will, it is sometimes possible to do so without them even knowing it. Voice intonations, visuals, metaphors, subliminals, etc. Experienced at hypnosis, I learned from my many mentors as they persuaded suggestive, and stolid minds alike to fall under their control. They told me they were called Love Trances. Think covert hypnosis is impossible? LOL think not. Nothing's impossible when it comes to the mind my dear, absolutely nothing. Just 6 minutes. You have nothing to lose!!




Below are questions that will save you time and money and let me know how you want "to go under.” They will help u understand much more hypnosis; REPRESSED FEELINGS, SUBCONSCIOUS, INDUCTIONS ETC. PLUS five very hot PX, and MY YAHOO ADDRESS!

Hypno Goddess Aninika is a certified hypnotherapist. She runs a daily practice in NY and Puerto Rico.