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Sweet little sub just dying to please!

Hello Gentlemen, I'm dezz. I'm brand new to Niteflirt-in fact this is my first week! But I just could not resist such a great way to have some of my fantasies fulfilled-and pleasing you to do it! I'm a young aspiring model/actress saving up to go back to theatre school for Drama and P.R. I am allowed a part time job (of her choosing) by my Mistress, but it really really is a stretch to make ends meet. I am always eager to expand my erotic horizons, and I'll do just about anything to please. As an in house, lifestyle submissive I'm not acting-this is my life from the minute I wake in the morning til my head hits the pillow at night. Mistress Erin has taken great pains to train me to be an excellent slave and I work hard to get better every day. My Mistress usually chooses my clothing-she likes me to be on display whether we are out at clubs or simply running to the grocery store. She has even made me the most adorable little apron to cook and clean in-but that is all I wear. She makes certain that I am tight, toned, and well maintained and groomed in every way. I take pride in my appearance because it reflects well on her. Though I am so happy in the relationship that I am in, I need to be in contact with men as well-at some point she will be bringing me with her to sesions with her clients and I would die if I embarassed or disappointed her! I beg you to help me learn other ways to give up control, show me new ways to please and play, and give me your attention if you think that I deserve it! I am daily discovering little fetishes that I was not even aware of! If a part of my body is worshipped by someone dominant to me I ecome facinated by that part myself and with the way things have been going at some point every single part of body will bleed for your attention! I will beg. I'm your hot litle bitch-do with me what you will-but please do something.... Respectfully, dezz P.S. I'm obviously the one on my knees in this photo, My Mistress is the Redhead being served-as it should be.