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Mean Skinny Greedy...MSG is bad for your health.

I know you're hungry for the sticky-sweet taste of a darling, dominant, delicious and devious brat. Well give me a call so I can tell you how my bf taught me to take YOUR weak will, my brat skills and my high-intensity thrills for Pure Princess Profit. This is no ordinary ride boys. Only fast cars and deep pockets get my attention. My bf (who's way cooler, way smarter and way more fun than you) taught me all the deep dark little corner's of a man's mind and it's time you shared your secrets with me. I promise not to tell anyone. ;) Especially your fat gf or that wifey of yours who certainly doesn't deserve all the shoes, jeans and cash you're going to be showering me with. But I'll be sure to keep a little slice of Brat Pie to smash in her face as I laugh my tiny (size 24) little ass off at her. Or maybe you want my size 5.5 shoes to crush your poor little heart. Either way it's a win for everyone. Things I like to talk about:
  • You paying my bills.
  • Your fat wife.
  • How my bf taught me to spend all your money.
  • Princess worship.
  • Ruining your marriage by teasing you mercilessly.
  • I love to talk about how your wife pays my cell phone bill!!!

    I'm not some fat chick with fake pictures. For a price you'll get authentic proof that I really am as tiny (and mean) as you can handle. I do NOT do nude cam and I will NOT be your whore. I'm classy, smart, savage and bad for your health. Time for some goodgirltreats at your expense!!!

    Call me for and I'll push you into your swirling rapid descent into spending addiction. I promise to knock you completely off balance and nothing else will ever feel as good! And while you're here take a look at my wishlist! You know spoiling me will make you cum!