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Seductive mindfucktress, come and play...

You can't handle me, no matter how badly you want to. You just aren't man enough for this. But you won't leave, because you're not man enough for that either. You crave me already. You can't take your eyes off of me, can't stop wondering what I sound like when I cum...and if I'll ever let you join me. This is what you want. My voice inside your head, stroking your brain, blood red fingernails scratching just a little too deep... Welcome to my world. The only way out is to run your account dry. I won't let you go until I'm through. I am everything you never knew you required. I am harsh and seductive, cruel and caring, loving and toxic. I will breathe life into you while I take your breath away. I will let myself into your mind, pick through your emotions...and alternately protect them fiercely and use them against you. You will never forget me. And you will never get enough. Cam available upon request and at my pleasure, $50 tribute per hour up front mandatory.