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Hello future and current Slaves
the name is Misstress Gia.
and you WILL address me as SUCH.
Nothing else from your nasty mouth will be tolerated.
I'm not here to please ANYONE.
I am here for MONEY.
I am not going to humor you like the rest of the hoes on this site, I could give a fuck less about any of YOU.
I know how much of a loser you must be to be on this site begging bitches like me to talk to you?
HAH! You make me so fucking sick.
I see guys like you on the street and I almost vomit.
I can only imagine what kinda gross bitch would marry your ass!
I am in control here PISSANT...and if you dont like it???

I will make you wish you never clicked on my link.

I will make you go into debt.

I will make you take out that second mortage on your house.

I will make your wife scream at you for charging up her credit cards to get humiliated by ME.

I will make your life a LIVING HELL.

and you will LOVE every second of it!

and if you don't? well you know what happens if you will deposit your paycheck into my account so I can go shopping to buy outfits your wife could never wear and you will never see!!!

I use and abuse em in real life, but you aren't worthy of that
I MAY upload videos, but probably not....unless my piggy bank gets to my desired amount....which none of your broke asses could ever afford anyways!

I AM your worst nightmare and your absolute fantasy....
Misstress Gia
remember my name bitches....

you'll be screaming it later.

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