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Rachel's Ignore Line for Pathetic Losers

I thoroughly enjoy human atm’s, cash cows, pay piggies, and severe wallet raping!

So c’mon LOSERS!
Start calling and let the games begin!!!

First and foremost LOSERS, this is my “Ignore Line”! This is for all of you totally pathetic ingrates who just wish to be in my divine presence, because you know that you don’t deserve actual attention from someone like me! I will answer the phone, and then just put it on speaker and go about my day-to-day business, whatever that may be!

If you beg enough (Translation: Send money and/or gifts) I may take some time out of my busy day to torment you for being such a pathetic, small dick, fucktard! And if you’re really, really lucky (Translation: Send even more money and/or gifts) I may even invite my sexy girlfriend(s) over to make fun of what a LOSER you are! Now doesn’t that sound like fun? Two amazingly beautiful women taunting, teasing, and humiliating you! Pay Up FOOL! We don’t come cheap, and our time is extremely valuable!!!!

About Me: 

I am Rachel Sinclair, a real life Pro Domme, who has the power to seduce you mentally and dive deep down inside your soul! I will leave you captivated, entranced, and powerless, and continue to fuck your wallet and your dirty little mind! I love power, and the mere thought of draining every last cent from your bank account excites me! I want to own you, and deep down inside you know that you need it!