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This Southern Girl knows how to give you a good old fashion switching. I have the perfect switch already cut and waiting for your bad boy butt. However, if you have been exceptionally bad I will make you go cut your own so all the neighbors will know what you are fixing to get. I strongly believe in corporal punishment for the men in my life. I know that sometimes the only thing that gets through your stubborn behavior is an ole fashion whooping. Not every punishment deserves the same implement to be utilized. That is why I have a whip that is leather, thin and super soft. It will leave nice pretty red welts about one inch thick all over your bottom. Sometimes you need the old wooden paddle. The paddle that hang in my kitchen is a good reminder of why you should behave in ways expected of you. When you have gone above and beyond in your naughty behavior then is when I get out the cane whether that is the piece of bamboo I keep by the door. The plastic rod that I kept from the last time I changed out the mini blinds or that faithful willow tree that always delivers. The cane will instantly set your brain back to its proper position. Those long slender welts will be a sufficient reminder for days of why you should not repeat that bad boy behavior. There are many reason for utilizing spanking the humiliation of being bent over and flogged good makes you double think your insubordination. When I force you to do something it requires you to submit to my physical domination which is always good for man.

Come get the switching you deserve.

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