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Playful Princess Lilly

Spend on ME! Send me wifeys $$$ present!!

Financial Domination. Princess. Pay Pigs. Wallet Rape. DRAINING losers & USING bitches. Wallet Seduction. GFE. WORSHIP. Princess.

Look, LOSER, I AM ENTIRELY TOO PRETTY TO PAY MY OWN BILLS!!!! Make your donations HERE!!!! You need to PAY!!!! I don't give a fuck that your bills are due, I want a new pair of shoes!!!!!

My ultimate fantasy in life is to be the trophy wife of a nerdy worm. I wanna evoke jealousy in his peers and associates as they wonder how such a dweeby dork landed SUCH a hot Princess! I will cuckold My sub hubby and have him doing things he never expected... but... that is MY fantasy... This line is for lowly losers that need to be prepared to PAY! I am sachrine sweet and still demanding. I expect to be spoiled, but I will NOT beg you to spend money on Me... you should be begging ME, bitch! I love to tease, taunt, tantalize and torture you! I can be very condescending, sometimes snotty, sometimes snobby and so artificially sweet... you'll leave with a toothache.

I do enjoy calling you names and I adore humiliation games! I love RAISE-THE-RATE. I want to rape your wallet. I deserve your dollars. Not your wife, not your girlfriend, not you... I love to go shopping... on YOUR dime! Let's pick out pretty things for me online! I often bring my girl friends in on my calls to laugh at your pathetic ass, occasionally a studly boyfriend may even listen to what a loser you are...
ONLY IF you pay him good enough!

I like to torment you for whatever faults and shortcomings I find... and act overly sympathetic, followed by snickers of sheer amusement! I love to tease and taunt you or compare you to my sexy boyfriends! I always do so with a smile on my lips and a giggle in my voice! I see it this way, I don't like to be angry... I should ALWAYS be happy... as a matter of fact, it is YOUR job to make sure that I STAY happy! I should constantly be pleased, entertained, amused and generally made to feel like the Princess that I am! You should live to do things for me, buy things for me and take me places. Afterall... I am a beautiful, sexy Princess and you should be honored and privileged to purchase presents for me... You should feel special that I allow you to take me and my girl friends shopping! (Even if I do make you walk 10 steps behind us toting our bags *giggle* I can't actually be expected to be SEEN with you! Duh!)



* Financial Domination
* Playing Raise The Rate!
* Humiliation
* Ignore Games
* Cock Tease
* Chastity
* Ball-busting
* Role Play
* Role Reversal
* Strap-On Training
* Forced Bi
* Feminization, Sissification
* Fetish and Fantasy Sharing
* Tease & Denial
* Ruined Orgasm
* Spoiled Orgasm
* Body Worship
* Foot Worship!
* Ass Worship!
* Let's Talk About It!

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XOXO Princess Lilly