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I am looking for a play thing not the big thick throbbing kind. I am looking for a man that is tiny pathetic and needs to be told that every single day. I know you that deep inside you are a brat that needs strong discipline. I will help you become the princess boy that you have always wanted to be. I want a man that dreams of me having sex with someone else or being made to be the girl himself. I know that I am your Goddess you worship every part of my feminine self. Putting you on your knees and making you put your face between those gorgeous round cheeks of mine it is time for your daily ass worship. I will force you to do the things that you can not do on your own. I will make you suck cock I know you will resist but that is the complete fun of coerced bi. When you need attention the most I will simply ignore you until I am ready to give you the attention that I desire you to have. While you may technically be a man I am the one that is has far more muscle strength. In the end you will be come The man that knows he is there to turn over everything to me not just his money but also his pride and his future. Once you know where you belong then I will truly take what is left of your manliness. The feel of my touch will control your every thought and desire. I will take away all those things that society deems as manly and replace them with pretty girly things. I truly enjoy the thought of you working on that all import project at work when those pink panties just peek out. I will have you on your knees every night. I will always tell you exactly what you are and where you belong. I will take away all your man hood and turn you into a sniveling little sissy! Give it up and come under my control.

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