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There are two kinds of men in this world the powerful, strong, masculine type. You know the ones that girls masturbate at the very thought of. Then there is you sniveling, tiny, and pathetic. Worthless in every way you can not take care of a woman not in the bedroom nor anywhere else. Always screwing things up for us women to clean up the mess. You are the type of creature that has to be controlled has to be forced into doing everything. Too lazy to even take care of yourself properly. Lucky for you there are women like me. Strong dominant and willing to make the best of what you are. I know I will never make you into a real man I am a woman not a miracle maker, but I can beat you down then build you back up to at least a usable form of human flesh. That is all you are to me a weak little man just waiting to serve me in anyway I choose. I am the authority figure which sculpts you into something and the tools of my trade are wooden hairbrushes, whips, belts, and bare bottom spanking. To the outside world I am a normal housewife with a husband that works nine to five every day. To you I am your Goddess to worship and adore. My high heels are always waiting for your lips to suck them properly. I know it is a huge turn on for you when I am laughing at that pathetic cock of yours. I see you looking at that school girl and I know just what you need to put your mind back where it belongs a session of outdoor switching will turn off that channel in your brain. I will never be a damsel in distress who needs a man to save her. I will always be the woman in control and you will always be the one underneath me. There will be nights where I will enjoy tying you up in rope bondage shutting out the world in some sensory deprivation and then using that cock of yours. I will make you cum hard and then give you specific cum eating instructions.

However we play I will always win the game.

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